Election news

Anton: “There are two kinds of politicians: those who are afraid and those who are keen, we are of the latter, we are very keen”

The Coalition: Xàbia Democratica – Ciudadanos por Jávea, kicked off their election campaign with its first meeting on Thursday, 14th May with about 200 people. The meeting, held at the David Ferrer Promenade at the Arenal Beach, it lasted about two hours and thrilled the audience with straightforward speeches (partly in English) and not long and boring lectures.

On Saturday 16th May, the Coalition between Oscar Anton and Juan Ortolá invite all you to their rally in Duanes de la Mar.

This time it will be on the Promenade of Aduanas del Mar (Port) at 8pm. Oscar Anton will again grasp the audience with his entertaining and exciting speech, transmitting the program with secure promises such as: The new municipal swimming pool, the new athletics track, employment workshops (which are already on their third edition, through these past years administration and have taken nearly a hundred long-term unemployed people off the unemployment lists), a medical centre for the Arenal, a clean and safe Arenal with impeccable infrastructural services ( not only the front line but the whole Arenal area), and other projects that can be found in your program.

“Believe us, trust that we are of the ones that will carry through,” said the number 1 of the Coalition to his audience.

“There are two kinds of politicians: those who are afraid and those who are keen, we are of the ones who are keen, as you are, so we ask you to go with the XD-CPJ Coalition”, concluded Oscar Anton amid thunderous applause.

Anton and his team thanked the neighbours for their support for this first campaign rally.mitin 1 del 14 de mayo web2