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Anton: “There are two kinds of politicians: those who are afraid and those who are keen, we are of the latter, we are very keen”

The Coalition: Xàbia Democratica – Ciudadanos por Jávea, kicked off their election campaign with its first meeting on Thursday, 14th May with about 200 people. The meeting, held at the David Ferrer Promenade at the Arenal Beach, it lasted about two hours and thrilled the audience with straightforward speeches (partly in English) and not long and boring lectures.

On Saturday 16th May, the Coalition between Oscar Anton and Juan Ortolá invite all you to their rally in Duanes de la Mar.

This time it will be on the Promenade of Aduanas del Mar (Port) at 8pm. Oscar Anton will again grasp the audience with his entertaining and exciting speech, transmitting the program with secure promises such as: The new municipal swimming pool, the new athletics track, employment workshops (which are already on their third edition, through these past years administration and have taken nearly a hundred long-term unemployed people off the unemployment lists), a medical centre for the Arenal, a clean and safe Arenal with impeccable infrastructural services ( not only the front line but the whole Arenal area), and other projects that can be found in your program.

“Believe us, trust that we are of the ones that will carry through,” said the number 1 of the Coalition to his audience.

“There are two kinds of politicians: those who are afraid and those who are keen, we are of the ones who are keen, as you are, so we ask you to go with the XD-CPJ Coalition”, concluded Oscar Anton amid thunderous applause.

Anton and his team thanked the neighbours for their support for this first campaign rally.mitin 1 del 14 de mayo web2


Coalition Manifesto


The  Coalition of XD and CpJ have now published their Manifesto
Oscar Anton leader of the Coalition and the candidate for Mayor introduced the coalition of 2 parties who he
described as having   merged their enthusiasm, experience and passion for Javea.

Anton further states that he represents,”a team that is united ready and well qualified
to achieve an efficient, flexible, transparent and financially solvent Town Council.
” A team “he argued ” that can guarantee social policies and investments. The XD-CpJ Coalition program is a people’s project made up of citizens committed to Xàbia, from all social sectors of our town and whose priorities are: transparency,participation and trust.”

Appealing to the residents of Xàbia, he said that  a new time has come, for values, for
commitment and for work in order to make our expectations
become a reality; It will be possible with your vote.” he concluded
Thank you for your  continuing support


Oscar Anton conveys message of hope

OScar Anton conveys hope
The campaign has just begun cordially made between the five parties that are presented to the municipal elections 2015. This is the spirit with which Oscar Anton, candidate for mayor of Javea by the Democratic-Citizens Coalition Jávea Xàbia, with number 2, John Ortolá .wishes to convey ..banner_coalicion_anton_fondo_blancoautobus_coalicion

On the campaign Trail at ARENAL

arenal in shopAREnal with HumptyThis morning I visited shops and businesses to meet residents and explain the Coalition of XD -. CPJ It was very gratifying to  be treated with real friendliness   and to see their enthusiasm , encouraged that the best is yet to come for Javea !!!!!.”

Xabia Democratica meets CpJ Councillors at dinner

carteles_coalicion_verticalYvonne at the Parado

An elegant supper was held at the Parador on May Day to introduce members of the coalition to members of Xabia Democratica (XD). Coalition candidate Amanda Dean-Pyott set the tone for the evening when she introduced two of the CPJ candidates, Tere Bisquert and Cesar Rodriguez.  Rodriguez conveyed a message from Juan Ortolá, leader of Ciudadanos Por Javea (CPJ) who could not be there as he was otherwise engaged with the town fiestas.

The audience showed great appreciation for the work of the Policía Local de Xàbia for which Juan Ortolá has been responsible for as Councillor for Security and were very pleased to hear of the initiative to help visiting tourists that he had implemented last summer . Rodriguez reiterated that under Ortola’s leadership the police authorities had risen to the challenges of a multinational society and had even been attending English classes, taught by one of the members of XD, CREAMA teacher Rosa Mansell.

The party member and supporters were enthused and appreciative of the fact that under Juan Ortola’s guidance, Javea has also  become one of the towns with the lowest crime rate in the Comunidad Valenciano and they wereassured of the parties continued commitment to the town of Javea. He also pointed out that the five Councillors of the Coalition parties represent true experience and have proven records of success in managing the town.

Tere Bisquert Councillor for Social Services was introduced by Oscar Anton and expressed her gratitude for the warmth with which she had been greeted by the expat community. Oscar pointed out that Tere had taken on a very a difficult job at a time of recession but has always treated all the underprivileged with kindness and great skill. She has changed the ethos of “filling in forms” and has real hands on approach.

Oscar then went on to strike struck a more personal note, greeting and thanking all the expats who had helped to form Xàbia Democratica and had given him so much support  through the years . He invited them to join together, “United for Javea” and to see this coalition as another step forward in making Javea one of the best places to live and work in our region.

A film made by Bay Radio Media was then shown to the audience for the first time which tells the story of Xabia Democratica and Ciudadanos por Javea councillors unfolded.  A story of hard work and outstanding achievements with only one wish; TO MAKE JAVEA a better place for everyone.



Meet our Councillors and learn all about the election issues and our plans for the future of Javea


all meeting start at 20.00(8pm)

speeches in english and spanish

May 14th Thursday

Paseo David Ferrer (promenade )

Arenal Beach at 20.00

Speeches in English and Spanish refreshments served

Saturday May 16

at Port Promenade, Aduanas del mar

Wednesday May 20th

Covent Square in the old Town

Friday May 22nd

END of campaign Meeting

Parque Reina Sofia , Thiviers


Have you seen our film?
It explains the remarkable work done by our 5 Councillors over the past 4 years for Javea
Use this link
“http://https://vimeo.com/126732684″ title=”THE BEST IS YET TO COME”>

OSCAR Denia Radio Cadena SER Interview

The Councillor of Finance for Xabia, Oscar Anton on a visit to Denia Radio Cadena SER. Friday, 24 April 2015.

The councillor for Finance and Leader of Xabia Democratica, Oscar Anton now leader of the Coalition of Xd and CpJ visited the studio to review his Work as the Head of the Finance department, in Javea Council

Anton has made a comparison from when he took took over with the present situation of the Finance department.

He pointed out that in 2011 the debt inherited was 45 million euros,with payments of 1 ‘5 million euros per year in interest to the banks.
At present, this debt has-been reduced to half,now € 22million and the Interest payments , in the municipal budgets have been reduced to 700,000 euros.

Another achievement Oscar pointed out Is that ” we now pay suppliers in 28 days “. AND the financial, year 2014 ended with a surplus of five million euros.
Anton acknowledged that it has-been a legislature dominated by “management and troubleshooting”; but “lacking”, the manifesto on a democratic Xabia which was presented by the Party
This manifesto included Improvements in sports infrastructure, among other Proposals.

The issue for this legislature, has-been “not to spend more money than was in the coffers” and in the careful planning of expenditure.
He pointed out that they have succeeded in lowering the current spending, and the budget, but without affecting public services.

In political terms, the candidate for Mayor of the coalition XD-CPJ referred to two of the On going activities, by the coalition : Coffee-meetings held in local venues to get closer to each neighbourhood and learn first-hand the needs of the residents . – AND the initiative ‘visit your urbanization’. “We are listening to our fellow Citizens, their concerns and desires.”
We have not ceased to do these things from the first day since we were elected 4 years ago. We know Xabia ,very well and we want the people to trust us once again WE will Demonstrate that there can be a bright future for Xabia, a sustainable and open Javea “said , Oscar Anton.