The Padrón is the municipal Civil Register of people living in the town. Its contents are confidential and are kept so.

But being registered on the Padrón, does NOT automatically entitle you to vote in local elections. To vote, you must also be registered on the Electoral Roll (Censo Electoral).

Why bother with the Padrón?

By law, you should be on the Padrón if you spend most of your time in Spain each year. There are advantages for you: –

• You comply with the law.
• You need to be on the Padrón for various official actions, such as buying a new car.
• People aged 65 and over, on the Padrón, get free municipal bus passes.
• Being on the Padrón can help minimize Inheritance Taxes
Other advantages: –
• Central government pays the local council €193 each year for each person on the Padrón.
• The number of people on the Padrón determines the size and scope of the local Services: Health, Fire Fighting, Post (Correos), Police Forces etc.
• There are about 30,000 people on the Javea Padrón. It is estimated that a further 10,000 should be registered.
• These missing 10,000 people lose Jávea €1,930,000p.a. (This is 6% of Town hall income)
The Censo Electoral
• Your right to vote in Local or Euro elections is enshrined in Spanish and European law
• Your vote will influence the quality of municipal services.
• Your vote will influence how local taxes are spent.
• Your vote will influence the type and style of local government.
To register on both you go the Help Office above the Poertal del Clot parking Office hours: – 0900 until 14.00, Monday to Friday, (but not on public holidays).

Padrón You will need to take with you: –

  • Passport OR Residencia
  • PLUS
    • your last Rates receipt (I.B.I.) OR
    • Water / Electric bill in your name
    • OR your escritura
    • OR rental contract

Ask for a “Certificado de Empadronado.” Cost 3 euros

Censo Electoral

You will need to take with you: –

  • Your Passport OR Identity document.

If you have just registered on the Padrón you may do this at the same time

Need help? The officials will help. Instructions in English, German and French are on the back of the census form

Once you are on both the Padrón and on the Censo Electoral, it is surprising how quickly your vote would impact in the next local election.


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